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About Chef Tina 

Chef Tina DeJesus was formally trained at Le Cordon Bleu where she learned the art of French cuisine. Right after graduating she worked in a fine dining seafood restaurant gaining experience as a line cook. From there her career lead her to catering large events & intimate dinner parties. While she followed her passion as a cook Chef Tina also split her time with working as a lead server, bartender, & Maitre D making her the perfect host.

Spending over ten years working in hospitality lead Tina to living an unhealthy lifestyle of late-nights followed by sleeping all day and repeating the same cycle. She decided to change her way of living in 2013, where she dove into all thing’s vegetarian, nutrition, mental health, and yoga. Which lead her to creating VegHead Chef where she now creates seasonal plant-based meals that are suited to fit any lifestyle, dietary restriction, & unique preferences. All the while keeping it nutritious and simple! For the past six years Chef Tina has been working as a high-end private chef in the Hamptons, hosting yoga retreats, doing meal preparation, & teaching cooking classes.

The Veghead Chef Mission

VegHead’s mission is to feed the body and soul with simple, all natural foods to help reach maximum health and happiness. The VegHead Chef carefully sources all her ingredients from local farms, butchers, and fisherman to bring you the freshest meals. She promises to use organic ingredients, grass feed beef, organic poultry, and wild caught fish. The VegHead Chef believes our ingredients should be sourced directly from Mother Earth right to your table.