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A Guide to Plant-Based Living

Have you considered going plant-based but don’t know where to start?

My new eBook, A Guide to Eating Plant-Based, will be your blueprint for adopting this healthy, natural way of living and eating.

This book will dive into exactly what a plant based diet is, how to understand food labels, the best plant-based substitutes, getting comfortable using spices and how to cook any vegetable using a wide range of cooking methods.

A Guide to Plant-Based Living

Plus, RECIPES!! Including spice blends, dressings and sauces that will elevate your plant-based meals!

I created this eBook because I realized that most people aren’t familiar with cooking vegetables. So, instead of sharing plant-based recipes I thought it would be beneficial to know how to properly cook, season, and pair vegetables to further support your plant based lifestyle.

A Guide to Plant-Based Living

Having the skills to cook flavorful meals at home helps you confidently create a habit in turn making it a lifestyle not a diet.


-How to cook common vegetables

-Cooking techniques explained

-Tons of chef’s tips & tricks

-How to decipher food labels

-Tips on maintaining a plant-based lifestyle

-The best plant-based substitutes

A Guide to Plant-Based Living

If you’re ready to start leading a plant-based lifestyle, buy a copy of my eBook now. Click the button below to purchase now!

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