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Setting up a morning routine will set the tone for the rest of your day. It’s nice to wake up smile, feel happy, and know that whatever the day may bring you will be able the handle it from a peaceful state because you started the day for yourself.  When creating a morning routine you are creating your peace of mind.

I have an ever-changing scheduling. Over the years I’ve found it hard to stick to the same morning routine. I used to beat myself up if I couldn’t do my morning routine the same every day. I have learned life isn’t always going to be a perfect schedule and its ok if your morning routine looks a little different from time to time. If you take just one habit and make sure that no matter what your day is like you always do that one thing. Mine is drinking a large glass of water. I can wake up on vacation in another country and make sure that I reach for a glass of water before I swing my feet out of bed.

A morning routine is a simple step to start creating more happiness in your life. To start off, pick one thing to do in the morning that will help your state of mind. Take it one habit at a time, one day at a time. You are creating a habit by changing your morning routine. So, it is ok to do just one thing at a time towards creating your dream life.

 Simple Ways to Start Creating a Morning Routine


  • Wake up and smile and keep on smiling for a minute or two. Something beautiful happens when you simply smile. That smiles then turns into laughter and before you know it your full of joy! Wow a morning filled with joy-before getting out of bed!
  • Send grateful thoughts out into the universe. You can say “I am grateful for my health.” “I am grateful for my comfortable bed.” “I am grateful to be alive.” “I am grateful to go to a job I love.” “I am grateful my kids are still sleeping.”
  • Drink a large glass of water. I find it easy to fill a glass up of water before I go to bed. So, when I wake up, I just reach for my glass. You go about 8 hours without having anything to drink. When you wake up you should hydrate immediately. You could take the extra step and add some fresh squeezed lemon.
  • Say a pray. This helps send happy thoughts out into the universe so the universe can respond with happy experiences. An pray I start with is “Thank you God for allowing me to wake up this morning.” I bow my head and smile.
  • Write Mantras. Mantras are a fantastic way to change negative thoughts into positive ones. Mantras are statement(s) you repeat over and over to send out to the universe (using the law of attraction to make your thoughts into reality) and shift your mindset to more positive thoughts. The one I use often is “I am healthy. I am happy. I am loved. I am beautiful. I am wealthy. I AM ENOUGH.” I am confirming to the universe that I am all those things. And every time I write that mantra, I see my healthiest self-smiling-surrounded by family & friends, glowing from the inside out. All because I AM ENOUGH.
  • A simple side to side, up and down, fold over, and conscious breathing is all you need to get your blood flowing. Start with one or two stretches right when you stand up. This will get your body moving blood flowing all the while higher your vibrations before you even dive into the responsibilities of life.
  • Expressing your feelings in your own hand writing feels damn good. Letting it out from your brain to pen helps to release built up emotions. When I wake up anxious to start my day, I write down all those feelings of excitement and nervous to release them. I empty it all on the paper therefore helping me let go of any self-doubt.


One habit at a time. One day at a time.